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September 15, 2019
Legislation alert for PTSD bill
Posted On: Apr 27, 2017
URGENT ACTION ALERT: SB211/HB709 Public Safety Employee Behavior Health Act On calendar for MAY 1st and 2nd WE NEED YOU TO KEEP EMAILING AND CALLING ASKING FOR SUPPORT AND TO NOT LEAVE US BEHIND THE BUDGET!! SB211/HB709: Public Safety Employee Behavior Health Act: This legislation is in both the House and Senate Finance Committees. We have you contacting the entire committees so that we have advocates making sure we are not left behind the budget! We need you, your spouse, your sibling, your parents, and your children calling and emailing! Here is what you need to say/include: 1. Ask them to vote for HB709/SB211: Public Safety Employee Behavior Health Act 2. Use these talking points or tell them how this bill would help you: a. Many cities already cover these services. b. This legislation adds the type of training counselors have. c. Trauma that fire fighters face in their jobs daily have a cumulative effect on their mental health that can over the course of their career effect their performance, professional life, and personal lives. d. Reactive approaches to behavioral health, “one size fits all”, are often not as helpful and can complicate the issues that fire fighters face. 3. Include your name, address, fire station location and local affiliation. If you receive a message back from a legislator, please share it with Eddie and Kathleen. Write AND Call these Senators and Representatives NOW: Title Last Email Phone Rep. Brooks Rep.Kevin.Brooks@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-1350 Rep. Byrd Rep.David.Byrd@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-2190 Rep. Camper Rep.Karen.Camper@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-1898 Rep. Carter Rep.Mike.Carter@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-3025 Rep. Coley Rep.Jim.Coley@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-8201 Rep. Crawford Rep.John.Crawford@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-7623 Rep. DeBerry Rep.John.DeBerry@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-2239 Rep. Fitzhugh Rep.Craig.Fitzhugh@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-2134 Rep. Gilmore Rep.Brenda.Gilmore@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-1997 Rep. Hawk Rep.David.Hawk@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-7482 Rep. Hazlewood Rep.Patsy.Hazlewood@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-2746 Rep. Hicks Rep.Gary.Hicks@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-7480 Rep. Hill Rep.Matthew.Hill@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-2251 Rep. Johnson Rep.Curtis.Johnson@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-4341 Rep. Love Rep.Harold.Love@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-3831 Rep. Lynn Rep.Susan.Lynn@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-7462 Rep. McCormick Rep.Gerald.McCormick@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-2548 Rep. McDaniel Rep.Steve.McDaniel@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-0750 Rep. Miller Rep.Larry.Miller@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-4453 Rep. Sargent Rep.Charles.Sargent@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-6808 Rep. Swann Rep.Art.Swann@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-5481 Rep. Williams Rep.Ryan.Williams@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-1875 Rep. Wirgau Rep.Tim.Wirgau@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-6804 Sen. Dickerson Sen.Steven.Dickerson@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-6679 Sen. Gardenhire Sen.Todd.Gardenhire@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-6682 Sen. Haile Sen.Ferrell.Haile@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-1999 Sen. Harper Sen.Thelma.Harper@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-2453 Sen. Hensley Sen.Joey.Hensley@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-3100 Sen. Norris Sen.Mark.Norris@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-1967 Sen. Overbey Sen.Doug.Overbey@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-0981 Sen. Stevens Sen.John.Stevens@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-4576 Sen. Tate Sen.Reginald.Tate@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-2509 Sen. Watson Sen.Bo.Watson@Capitol.TN.Gov 615-741-3227
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